Community Impact

We are located 3 miles from the nearby abortion clinic. We actively pursue women who are facing unplanned pregnancy so they can know the options available to them.

Over our thirty year history we have impacted over 50,000 women and their babies. This last year we experienced a 77% expansion and impacted 728 unique families.

The great thing is thanks to the support of our community we offer all of our services for free. When a young woman asks the question,

“Am I pregnant?”

We offer our services to a low income community with a high rate of unplanned pregnancy and strive to educate our clients on their choices and offer resources to help them to overcome challenges that would make it difficult to carry their child to term.

  • SPS serves three of the highest zip codes in the country for teenage pregnancy, with Texas being one of the highest states for repeated pregnancies among teens.
  • Close to half of our clients have a household income of less than $14,000/year.
  • In 2017, we reached 77% more clients than the year before and our education classes increased by 135%!