Our Mission

Southwest Pregnancy Services empowers families for life!

Who We Are

Southwest Pregnancy Services is a group of individuals, churches, and businesses who are passionate about empowering the community of Southwest Dallas County for life.

  • We desire to express the love of Jesus to families facing unplanned pregnancy.
  • We desire for our community to experience his life changing power and know his grace and mercy.
  • We believe that by providing support during the time of pregnancy we can have the unique opportunity to impact families for generations.
  • We know that abortion is legal but we hope it will be unthinkable in our community and that families will know that whatever they face they are <<Problem here<<

Who We Serve

We serve families throughout Southwest Dallas County and beyond. It doesn’t matter your race, religion, age, or marital status we will provide confidential free help when facing unplanned pregnancy.

  • Some of our clients are teenagers, but most are in their early twenties. The oldest clients are women in their mid forties even!
  • We have over 40% of our clients who are unemployed or have a household income under $14,000. Most of our clients are single but there are some who are married and looking for support for their unplanned pregnancies.
  • Some women come to us because they need proof of pregnancy from a medical professional for Medicaid, but others come because they are considering having an abortion and want help with their options.

Whoever they are they receive confidential compassionate truthful services from staff and volunteers who are committed to empowering families for life!

They are so many ways we empower for life…

  • We first empower the life of the baby, by advocating for its life and resourcing and supporting the parenting skills of its mom and care items it needs such as diapers and clothing. Every week babies are aborted at the nearby South Dallas Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities in Dallas County and we want to save the lives of these unborn voiceless human babies. From conception, these new lives deserve the opportunity to live and fulfill God’s purpose in their life.
  • Second we empower women to make informed and educated decisions and have support no matter their choices. We hope they choose life for the baby because of the factual medical and options education along with the spiritual impact of their support team. Most will choose life and be empowered in their decision making and ongoing into their parenting skills, resources and plans to have a strengthened life. For those who do not choose life for their baby she will have had all her options on the table, not be coerced and find open arms for healing and restoration through Jesus and the support of her service team. We also believe that it is not just important that a woman choose life, but that we engage and support the family years into the life of that child.
  • Third, we empower through the true and eternal life found in Jesus! We know he is the giver and taker of all lives and he is the only one who can truly save our souls. He offers abundant life to all of those who would believe in him. We share the gospel, teach the Bible, offer prayer and provide mentorship for many families.